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Summer Plans

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

There are a lot of things I wish to get done this summer, and completing an internship is unfortunately one of them, thus taking up a lot of my time.

However, I'm trying to be more positive and appreciative of the things I am doing so here goes.


I love food and I like being able to cook things I enjoy. Summer definitely gives me the time to experiment and enjoy before the year starts.


One hour of radio a week, with my friend and source of silliness, Jenny Easley. I've done 35 shows on CamFM so far, and hope to hit 50 before June 2018.


I have been travelling a lot this summer! Be it to Norwich, home (to London), around Cambridge, back-up to my dear Scotland, or out to California, this summer looks to be a fantastic one for travel.

Preparation for Next Year

Being accepted into Part III Computer Science was a massive relief after much stress and trouble. However, as with previous years, it brings with it a whole host of things I would like to prepare for, to make up for a lack of exposure and ability to make things stick too well the first time. This includes Category Theory (finally, been waiting for this for two years), Interactive Formal Verification (I will need to learn the Isabelle coming from the Coq proof-assisstant), Modern Compiler Design (refresh my C++ and get to grips with a simple compiler targeting LLVM IR) or some Advanced Functional Programming (I'm sure I can handle the concepts but I'm as-of-yet unfamiliar with the terminology).

Oh, and also a project to think about! Linear Types anyone? How about machine learning on FPGAs for NLP? Or even formalising distributed systems?

Videos on Computer Science

This one's a little ambitious given the severe lack of time on my hands, but there's nothing to stop me from preparing. I have been thinking long and hard about the way I learnt certain Computer Science concepts and the less-covered parts of the subject (trying searching for a YouTube playlist for denotational semantics; now try one for linear algebra). As someone who struggled immensley with these topics initially, I think my way of doing these videos would help demystify a lot of misconceptions about the role of theoretical computer science and programming language research.

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