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Graduating and Beyond

For the students, graduation involves dressing up fancy and sweltering in the Cambridge summer heat. For their families, it's a day of immense pride and a chance to experience a small part of the charm of the old Cambridge world inside Senate House and the student's College.

Alas, my time in Cambridge is over, but my love of PL research is still surprisingly strong. I've (perhaps foolishly) decide to embark on many new projects as well as keep up existing ones. Here's a quick run down of what I hope to do over the next year:

  • Homotopy Type Theory reading group (weekly)

  • Publish a paper based on my Master's thesis

  • Supervise CompSci courses in Cambridge (Murray Edwards and possibly others)

  • Start a CoderDojo nearby

  • Continue to publish posts about and videos to ATypical CompSci

  • Contribute to open source (Rust)

  • Keep up to date with PL research

  • Hobbies! Drumming, climbing, dancing, singing, camping, cooking, travelling...

Did I mention I also have a full-time job in industry?

I look forward to it :-)

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