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A Month of Performances

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

It’s been more than a year since I’ve graduated, and I have worked on more than a few things at the same time. While I cannot present the hours and months of work, failures, struggles and boredom that lead to them, the finished results are a lot easier to show and thus are below for you to enjoy.


I’ve been really glad to start drum lessons again. Having spent 4 years at Uni not playing drums, I found an excellent teach whom I get along well with and rediscovered a fun hobby in the process. Though I have learnt many things since restarting, the song Pamela by Toto was one we picked to learn (a simplified version of) the whole way through, with the explicit intention of performing.

Curry On

While there are parts that could be better, on the whole I love my job: the work, the people and the culture. I’ve had the chance to teach and learn from interns and managers alike, get to know my wonderful colleagues and still have time to do things outside of work. I realise I’m incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity and even, more to be able to share it!

What’s more, I had a truly fantastic and eye-opening time at Curry On and ECOOP. I couldn’t possibly do justice by attempting to list all the fantastic people I met and all the ideas we exchanged. Almost every attendee I met said Curry On was one of their favourite conferences and that is such a testament to the quality of the idea of “academia and industry” meeting, as well the as the fantastic organisers that make it happen. One thing I wasn’t prepared for though: conferences are tiring! Having a 9 am to 7 pm day, four days in a row was exhausting.


ECOOP was simiilar affair, though I will readily admit to getting tired by the time it had started after two days of Curry On. I also had a paper accpeted here, NumLin: Linear Types for Linear Algebra. This is work indepent of my day job, done in my spare time with the assistance of my Master’s supervisor and co-author Dr. Neel Krishnaswami.


As if all that wasn’t enough, I had a performance for my dance class (just one song in the many that were performed mind you) to top it all off. I think I did alright but most of all it was really fun! Our dance teacher also gave us a sad surprise by announcing that he was leaving. Though the classes may still continue with other teachers, I (along with the whole class) was sad to see him go. I cannot emphasise how much fun these classes are (despite the awfully late timings) - they are always the best part of my week. We had a nice farewell dinner & drinks, and I wish them all the best.

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