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Early Days

Aberdeen , Scotland

I was born in Mumbai, India but moved away at a young age. I attended a couple of years of primary school in Reading, England and about a year in Muscat, Oman before finally settling down in Aberdeen, Scotland.

I spent the latter years of my primary school and all of secondary in Aberdeen, attending Dyce Academy.  I got the opportunity to take up many hobbies, such as Trampolining, Judo, Basketball and Swimming and many fun subjects, such as French, Drama, Modern Studies, Metalwork, Home Economics and even Formula-24 Racing! I settled on Trombone, Drums, Rock Climbing and occasionally Running or Cricket during my late-teens. I was bullied a fair bit up until I started S4 (around age 15); eventually it changed into respect once people started maturing and taking school a little more seriously.

Thanks to the support of a few teachers (some of them not even at Dyce at the time!), I spent most of my last two years outside of Dyce. In S5, I studied half my subjects at the local Bucksburn Academy (Maths, Philosophy and Music) and half at Dyce (Philosophy, Physics and English). In S6, I created and fought for the wonderful opportunity to attend 5 out of the 12 secondary schools in Aberdeen: Dyce (Physics), Bucksburn (Physics and Music), Cults (Psychology), Aberdeen Grammar (Computing) and Harlaw (Mechanics). It was tough, but worth it because I met so many wonderful people who welcomed and challenged me.

Cambridge, England

Eventually, my family and I decided it was time to move, again. Whilst I went off to Cambridge to start my undergraduate in Computer Science, my family moved to the outskirts of London. Although a very useful move in the long-run (jobs, family visits, local friends), it was a very difficult time in my life. My first and second years were extremely challenging for a number of non-academic reasons: I was a novice, I had very little training or preparation (or warning) about Cambridge, academic and cullinary (I was a lacto-vegetarian) problems with my College (Trinity) and difficulty adjusting/accepting the advantages of those around me. The new house was less a home, and more just a collection of somewhat unfurnished rooms, located in a completely unfamiliar environment, far away from all of the things and people I had grown to love. Every day, I miss my friends from Scotland and I wish I could have been with them more during that difficult stage in my life. I try and visit at least twice a year now, ideally more (schedules permitting).

London, England

Life’s a work in progress; so is this paragraph ;-)

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